The Future of More “Personal” Personal Training

Personal training has been around for centuries. Back when the Romans were around, you better believe that the best, strongest soldiers were trained by the best of the best – the personal trainers of the Roman era.

Now, personal trainers are highly regarded as people who are not only extremely knowledgeable about workouts but as people who are extra motivating and able to pick out what types of workouts will work for you. They figure out exactly what motivates you and push you further and farther than you could have pushed yourself on you own. Or could you have?

Personal training apps are evolving rapidly to become more personalized everyday. New technology allows apps to sync with each other, creating a “big picture” of what your activity is on an everyday level. Everything is trackable, from your diet and macros to your steps and workouts.


Keelo is an app that is tailored for HIIT and strength workouts. It creates a plan based on your experience level and workout history. That means that your workouts get harder and longer over time as you build muscle and strength.


Fitbod creates individual strength training plans based on what equipment you have available and tracks the muscle groups you’ve used throughout the week. It suggests reps and weights that will help you reach self-set goals.


Yes, everyone has heard of the Peloton bike. But did you know they have a mobile app too? You can follow along with live or on-demand classes in running, yoga, cycling, cardio, and strength training. So although personal trainers in-person might be a thing of the past, the same personalized support will always be available.

Fitbit Premium

This is the only app that specifically tracks and analyzes your sleep. In addition to that, this app uses the data collected by the Fitbit watches to  create a fitness and wellness plan that includes both workout guides and nutrition help.

The next level of technology is taking all of these apps and syncing them to create an overall wellness plan. For example, the mywellness app integrates with apps like MyFitnessPal, Garmin, Fitbit, Swimtag, RunKeeper, Apple Health, and more. By creating one simple space where you can control all of your fitness apps, you can create an innovative workout plan that targets the whole body, not just one area.

What do you think? Is this new technology where your workouts are headed? Do you already use any of these apps? Or is old-school personal training more your speed? However you train, make it a full body experience that includes workouts, nutrition, and sleep.

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