How Cellucor Fits into Any Workout Routine

Whether you are an athlete, bodybuilder, or just a workout enthusiast, what you do before and after your workout can drastically affect the results you see. There many important aspects to a strong pre-workout routine. The pre-workout routine should start before you even think about heading to gym by getting plenty of sleep the night before and staying well hydrated a full 24 hours before your workout.

As any fitness or athletic coach will tell you, your body needs fuel to perform. Working out on an empty stomach is never a good idea, so try to eat a light snack before you begin. Now, it’s almost go-time! However, you still feel that you could use an extra boost to really perform to the best of your ability. This is when it’s time for Cellucor C4!

Cellucor is one of the many amazing brands we are proud to carry here at STS Fitness. One of our favorite Cellucor products is their C4 Pre-workout line. Cellucor offers both C4 Original Pre-Workout and C4 Ripped Pre-Workout. We carry C4 Original in many awesome flavors like Icy Blue Razz and Fruit Punch! C4 Original combines creatine nitrate, TeaCrine®, beta-alanine, arginine alpha ketoglutarate and caffeine. C4 Ripped has the explosive energy of C4 combined with ingredients that are crucial for fat loss. This formula combines L-Carnitine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Capsimax Cayenne Fruit Extract, and Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract.

To incorporate Cellucor’s C4 products into your pre-workout routine, combine one scoop or pre-workout with 6 fluid ounces of water and drink 20 to 30 minutes before you begin your workout. It is also strongly recommended to drink lots of water during your workout or check out Cellucor’s Alpha Amino performance powder that mixes with water to help you stay hydrated during your workout. The use of Cellucor’s C4 Pre-Workout will give you the energy to push through your workouts and see the results you want!

No workout routine is complete without a good stretch and a refuel. Cool-downs are crucial for the body’s recovery after a vigorous workout. Experts recommend light exercise to bring your heart rate down and prevent lactic acid from building up. Stretching is also an important part of injury prevention. It is also important to eat a light, healthy snack after your workout to replenish the energy lost during your workout. Hydration is also important. Healthy hydration choices include water and low-sugar sports drinks.

We recommend giving Cellucor’s BCAA Sport drink a try for recovery and all-day hydration! If your biggest goal is to build muscle, your need to make sure your getting enough protein after your workout. Lean meats, eggs, and dairy products are great sources of protein.  Also, try Cellucor’s Cor-Performance Whey Protein! With flavors like molten chocolate and chocolate chip cookie dough, a post-workout shake with Cellucor protein will seem like a delicious dessert. Be sure to check out all of the awesome Cellucor products we carry to learn more about how you can fit Cellucor into every aspect of your workout routine.

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