Nutrition Tricks: Pool Parties and Summer Potlucks

Now that summer has arrived and the effects of the pandemic are starting to lesson, the season of summer parties has arrived. Even though the summer season tends to be a bit lighter than the rich and heavy foods of the winter holidays, there are still plenty of nutrition pitfalls all of us face.

In the heat, pool parties bring out the self-consciousness in anyone with revealing bathing suits. Even summer potlucks can unleash judgmental family members. To keep your confidence up and avoid binging the rich foods at a party, try these nutrition tips and tricks.

Bring a Healthy Dish

If you’re worried about overindulging in unhealthy food, bring something you can be excited about. You can eat a small, healthy meal beforehand and sample a little of everything to keep your family happy while also controlling what you’re eating. You’ll have your healthy dish to snack on if you get hungry later throughout the evening.

Drink Up

Drinking water helps to keep you satisfied without binging on party snacks and sweets. Bring a bottle of water and keep it nearby. With hot summer weather incoming, you’ll need to stay more hydrated than ever. Plus, water is good for your energy, mental and physical health.

However, watch what you drink other than water. Alcohol especially can add up in terms of sugar and calories. Sip on lighter options like vodka sodas or gin and tonics and skip the sugar-loaded margarita mix and wine coolers. Even if you’re not drinking, skip the sodas and punches and stick with water and sparkling waters.

Party Attire

Be confident in yourself! Dress up, buy a new outfit that you feel great in. When it comes to summer parties, you might be in a colorful bathing suit or in a cocktail dress and suit and tie. Dress to impress, and dress to the occasion. When you feel good about the way you look, you’re less likely to ruin your look by overeating.

It’s OK to Slip

It’s really important to understand that it’s okay if you slip up and eat too much. It’s normal and it’s healthy for your mental health. Worrying about it and feeling guilty can cause you to spiral and eat more than you need to, so accept it and move on. Drink plenty of water to hydrate and immediately start your healthy eating at the next meal.

You’ve worked hard to get to this level of fitness, and you should be proud of your effort. So, enjoy those summer pool parties and family picnics without feeling the need to overindulge. Keep these tricks up your sleeve if you start to slip. Have a great time – your family and friends will notice your body confidence!

Heather Rider
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