Dropping Water Weight

If you’re working out and working hard but aren’t seeing the definition you want, water retention might be the problem. There are many things that can cause bloating: supplements, sodium-rich diets, and dehydration. Your body fat has to be pretty low for water weight to make a difference in how you look. If you feel your body fat percentage is low enough that you should be seeing definition but aren’t, follow these tips to drop water weight.

Drink MORE Water

I know, I know, it seems backwards to add more water to your diet if you’re trying to lose water weight. But you can actually reduce water retention by increasing water intake. Your body retains water when it doesn’t have enough water to flush out cells, so it stores extra water. By drinking more water, your body doesn’t need to store extra water.

Change Your Diet

Skip the sugary sodas and drink plain tea or water to help flush out the body. Drinks and foods that are high in potassium, like watermelon and lemon water or tea helps to flush out sodium, improves digestion, and reduces bloat. Another potassium rich food is the tomato, which are also packed with fiber that helps support your digestion. Coffee is a natural diuretic due to the caffeine. Up to three cups of coffee are healthy caffeine intake. Adding ginger can help soothe stomachs and speed digestion, and cayenne’s capsaicin helps boost metabolism.

Lower Your Sodium Intake

When you’re eating tons of sodium, your body holds more water. Check labels to watch your sodium intake. Limit the amount of salt you’re putting on your foods and try using seasonings instead. Avoid processed foods like canned soups and frozen meals.

Sweat It Out

Sweat is literally water leaving the body. A hot, sweaty workout can help you lose water weight short term. A great sweat cream can help induce sweat, especially when applied before a workout. When you rehydrate, you’ll of course replenish some of these stores.

Plant Power

Certain veggies, like asparagus, are natural diuretics that help you lose water weight. A great source of fiber and vitamins, asparagus is a tasty, natural way to help decrease water retention. Dandelion root is another natural plant that is a natural diuretic which helps flush out toxins and supports liver function.

Swap Out the Alcohol

Alcohol is quite literally a poison to your body – a delicious one, but one nonetheless. Alcohol dehydrates the body which forces the body to retain more water to try to compensate. Swapping alcohol out for lighter sparkling waters will help your body shed the extra water.

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