Resistance Band Workouts

Resistance bands are great for travelling or at home workouts. They offer resistance and stimulate strength in your muscles. They work through your range of motion to provide differing levels of resistance throughout the movement. They can be used for everything from strength training to mobility fitness exercises.

Resistance bands can vary in the amount of resistance they carry. Some brands work on a color basis: green and yellow are light resistance, red is medium, and blue and black are heavy resistance. Bands can also come in different styles. Some are looped varieties that are one continuous band, while others are one piece of band with handles on each end.

Start with a proper warm up to warm up the muscles and get the blood flowing. Start with some stretching or aerobic movement like walking or jogging. Resistance bands work well with high intensity workouts. Spend one minute working on a movement, then rest one minute. You want to choose a resistance that’s difficult to work with but not impossible. Make sure to keep the band taught at all times. If it falls limp, the exercise won’t work effectively.

Squat Row

Start with the band through something at chest height. A railing can work well for this. Grab a handle with each hand and back up until there’s no slack left. Extend your arms in front of you and squat down. As you stand up, pull the handles back to your chest.

Squat to Biceps Curl

Stand on the band with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the handles by your shoulders with the palms facing in. Squat down, then push through your heels to stand. As you stand, press one hand up and overhead. Alternate hands each rep.

Bent Over Row

Standing on a resistance band, bend forward and hold the handles by your knees. Keep your back flat and straight. Squeezing your shoulder blades together, lift the handles up and towards your hands. Repeat.

Alternating Biceps Curl

Stand on a band hanging your arms straight down. Hold your handles with your palms facing away from the body. Engage the biceps, curl one handle toward your shoulder. Hold, then bring back to start. Repeat on the opposite side.

Upright Row

Stand on a band, holding both handles at your waist. Keep the handles close to your sides as your raise them straight up until they get under your chin. Lower down to the start.

Tempo Curls

Start sitting with your legs straight in front of you. Loop the band around your feet. Curl the handles towards your shoulders, then release to the start. Keep some tension on the band, and repeat.

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