Hunter Hopperton

I’ve played football since 5th Grade. My love for football really came when I started to watch NFL games on tv so that motivated me to join the team. From a young age my parents really taught me that if you want something you have to strive to go out and get it. I would say that during my whole career I really kept that in the back of my mind.

When things got tough and it seemed like there were no upsides, I just made sure to think back to that 11 year old kid who dreamt to one day play football at the highest level. I started to get into weight lifting in middle school because I realized that if I wanted to set myself apart from the competition I had to do it in the weight room getting bigger, faster, stronger.

After my freshman into early my sophomore year i competed to earn a spot on varsity, my junior year is when I realized that I was on the cusps Of my dreams and that I needed to take Advantage of all of the opportunity that I had. After my junior year I became very active on twitter reaching out to coaches and posting workout videos to try and set myself apart from other recruits.

Going into my senior year I had 20 Division I football offers, I couldn’t have been more thankful for all of the opportunities that god blessed me with. On December 22nd I committed to play Tightend at the University of Rhode Island.

Hunter Hopperton
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