Monthly Highlights: July/August 2021

July/August 2021 Highlight Articles

Anna Heritage

From Depression & Injury to Overall Bikini Champion!

Read her inspiring journey here.

The Best Ways to Burn Fat Fast

There are many reasons people want to burn fat, whether it’s for medical reasons or just to feel better about themselves. Burning fat can seem challenging, but there are so many ways that you can support your desire to burn it off.

Muhdo DNA Health Testing

Muhdo is an innovative, preventative and customizable digital health solution, powered by genomic science. Muhdo is a genomics and epigenomics company that provides DNA and epigenetic testing. 

Meal Prep 101

Everything You Need to Know about meal prepping for the week ahead. From beginners to those just wanting a refreshing, this is a comprehensive guide that will help just about anyone.

7 Workout Challenges that Test the Limits

Working out with the same weights and same exercises can get boring. Why not switch it up and try something that really challenges your body? These tests were created to push the limits of physical exercise. Think you’re The Man and that you can’t be tested anymore? Think again.

Motivational Videos

From legends like Tom Platz – Created from Within!