Monthly Highlights: November/December 2021

November/December 2021 Highlight Articles

Matt Mendenhall

A farewell tribute to a genetic legend.

Read about Matt’s life here.

How to Handle Snack Cravings

Cravings are difficult. They’re all unique and your cravings will be different from anyone else. Whether you’re craving that sweet treat or a salty snack, we face these cravings every day.

Types of Cardio: Which is Best?

Cardio is a necessary part of every workout routine, whether you’re trying to lose weight or define your muscles. Cardio is known to help your overall health and can even help improve your mood. There are two main forms of cardio: steady state or high-intensity. Which one is better for you?

How to Set Realistic Fitness Goals

It’s important that you set a realistic goal, not a vague one. For example, “I want to get in shape this year” could be reimagined as “I want to lose 5 pounds this month.” From there, you can create smaller tasks on a daily or weekly basis to accomplish your bigger resolution.

Recipes for Healthy Holiday Treats

Do you love holiday treats but tend to avoid them in order to stick to your diet and avoided the dreaded holiday season weight gain? Do you find yourself indulging in delicious desserts but regretting it later? Lucky for you, you don’t have to decide between delicious treats and the fit body you’ve worked so hard for. 

Motivational Videos

Posing with Hunter and Lee Labrada!