Monthly Highlights: September/October 2021

September/October 2021 Highlight Articles

Natalia Abraham Coelho

American-born, Brazilian-raised Fitness Phenom!

Read about her rise to success here.

Why You Need to Know About Starvation Mode

Starvation mode is the idea that when you cut your calories too low, your body starts hanging on to those calories to create energy instead of burning them. This means that even when you think you’re working hard, you end up keeping weight instead of losing it.

The Female Bodybuilding Handbook: Everything You Need to Know

Female bodybuilding can be intimidating. Even if you’re not looking to compete, getting into the gym at all can be hard to do. Fitness machines and routines mean that you have to learn a new activity. If you’re looking for a way to feel confident in the gym, the female bodybuilding handbook is exactly what you need. Ready to kick off your new women’s workout program? Let’s go!

Is It Really “Arthritis” or Is Your Doctor Lazy?

A man in his late 60’s walked into my office and prophetically stated, “Doc, I finally found out what’s wrong with my shoulder!  I have arthritis!”  While I really like this patient, he’s one of those stubborn gentlemen who will ask me a hundred questions, seem like he’s listening, completely agree with me and understand on the way out, and then find an opposing view the next day, and all my hard work is gone. 

Clean Eating 101

Clean eating is a diet plan that simply asks you to eat whole, natural foods. The core of this plan is avoiding processed and refined foods and artificial ingredients as well as alcohol, soda, and fruit juice. All of the foods should be real and natural without all of the synthetic ingredients found in many pre-packaged snacks and dinners.

Motivational Videos

Including The Perfect Bicep Workout by!