Porter Cottrell

The Fitness Journey
That Won’t En


When I was just 12 years old, I watched a Hercules movie that forever changed the trajectory of my life. “I want to look like him.” I started working out in my garage and later in a small shed with some of the guys in the neighborhood.

Over time, my physique responded to my hard work. That was the start of my bodybuilding career. My first competition was in 1984, winning the Mr. Louisville, and the following weekend, winning Mr. Kentucky. From that point, I moved my sights on Mr. Continental USA, winning my class and the overall. In the following year, in 1988, I won the NPC Junior Nationals in the light heavyweight division and the overall. Moving my sights to 1991, I won the light heavyweight division NPC Nationals. This win qualified me to become an IFBB pro. I began competing in IFBB events in 1992, winning my first two pro shows right out of the gate. Later that year, I finished in the top 10 at Mr. Olmypia in Helsinki. I was a top-5 finisher in Mr. Olympia held in Atlanta two years later. I ended my nine-year career in 1999 with five pro titles,  but in 2011 I was honored to be inducted into the International Federation of Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. I joined the ranks with Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Frank Zane, and my childhood idol, Steve Reeves.

After retiring from bodybuilding, I worked for another decade and retired as a professional firefighter. I then started my training business and have trained hundreds of clients over the past twenty years. My passion as I get older is to help guys over 40 lose weight, build muscle, and feel great into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and beyond.

Professional Titles

1999 Toronto Pro Invitational – IFBB, 3rd
1999 Night of Champions – IFBB, 9th
1998 Toronto Pro Invitational – IFBB, 4th
1998 San Francisco Pro Invitational – IFBB, 6th
1998 Night of Champions – IFBB, 6th
1996 San Jose Pro Invitational – IFBB, 10th
1996 Arnold Classic – IFBB, 8th
1994 San Jose Pro Invitational – IFBB, 2nd
1994 Olympia – IFBB, 5th
1994 Grand Prix Spain – IFBB, 5th
1994 Grand Prix Germany – IFBB, 7th
1994 Grand Prix England – IFBB, 9th
1994 Arnold Classic – IFBB, 3rd
1993 Pittsburgh Pro Invitational – IFBB, 1st
1993 Night of Champions – IFBB, 1st
1993 Chicago Pro Invitational – IFBB, 1st
1992 Olympia – IFBB, 8th
1992 Night of Champions – IFBB, 2nd
1992 Niagara Falls Pro Invitational – IFBB, 1st
1992 Grand Prix Italy – IFBB, 5th
1992 Grand Prix Holland – IFBB, 7th
1992 Grand Prix Germany – IFBB, 4th
1992 Grand Prix England – IFBB, 5th
1992 Chicago Pro Invitational – IFBB, 1st
1991 Nationals – NPC, Light-HeavyWeight, 1st
1989 Nationals – NPC, Light-HeavyWeight, 3rd
1988 Junior Nationals – NPC, Light-HeavyWeight, 1st
1988 Junior Nationals – NPC, Overall Winner
1986 Mr. Continental

Body Achieved Program

Several years ago, after witnessing all the weight loss gimmicks on the internet, I started to think about how to put some truth out there on what does work when it comes to making a transformation and becoming the best you can be. Around that time, I connected with a friend who had multiple past injuries and was looking for some advice. I talked about the principles that work, especially for guys in their 40s, and he said, ” Why don’t we document my progress with your methods?” And that’s how bodyacheived.com came to be. The first online course designed to teach guys exactly how to reshape their bodies quickly without wasting time and money on weight loss and supplement gimmicks. Long story short, Lance followed my nutrition advice and just trained three days per week, and man, did he make a change. After six months of filming, we broke everything down into small, digestible chunks of information so anyone could grasp and apply the concepts that I’ve used my entire life personally.  

I’m here to take you on your personal fitness journey.
Porter Cottrell