Learn from the Best

Rich Gaspari

Three-time runner up of Mr. Olympia competition (1986-1988), Arnold Classic winner (1989), IFBB Hall of Famer (2004), and owner of Gaspari Nutrition (1997).

Berry DeMey

The “Flexing Dutchman.” IFBB European Champion (1982), heavyweight and overall title at the World Games (1985), Mr. Olympia ranked (3rd, 1988), and owner of DeMey88.

Dr. Craig Banks

A chiropractic sports physician, health and fitness expert, author, speaker and philanthropist. Owner of Pinnacle Chiropractic and creator of KinetiCream.

Dean Caputo

Bodybuilding champion, owner of Dean Caputo’s Powerhouse Gym, and President of STSFit.

Mike Bridge

Columnist for Fighting Fit. Certified ISSA Fitness and NASM MMA Conditioning Trainer that has studied 10 different fighting styles.

Lisa Arnold

IFBB Physique Pro that hopes “with this column to encourage women of ALL ages to pick up the iron and get stronger both mentally and physically.”

Lee Labrada

IFBB Mr. Universe (1985), IFBB Hall of Famer (2004), seven-time top-four finisher at Mr. Olympia (1987-1993), and founder of Labrada Nutrition (1995).