Monthly Highlights: May/June 2022

Porter Cottrell

May/June 2022 Highlight Articles

Porter Cottrell

Mr. Midas, from Hall of Fame Pro Bodybuilder to a retired firefighter and now a personal trainer. Read more about his amazing story.

Nutrition Tricks

With the effects of the pandemic starting to lesson and the summer months in our near future, learn some of the nutrition pitfalls we all can face.

7 Workout Challenges That Test The Limits

Working out with the same weights and same exercises can get boring. Why not switch it up and try something that really challenges your body?

How Exercise Can Boost Mental Health

Have anxious and depressed thoughts? As little as two resistance training sessions a week could improve anxiety symptoms.

How To Motivate Yourself To Go To The Gym

Going to the gym consistently is never an easy task. Try these tips to help motivate you!

Motivational Videos

Bodybuilding Posing – Do It Right!